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While owning a Jeep is a badge of honor in itself, owning a Jeep that you have customized to satisfy your own tastes and desires is an experience like none other. A Jeep can be as original and unique as its owner wishes for it to be. In fact, most customized Jeeps are largely reflective of their owners’ personalities and serve as the ultimate platform for automotive expression.

In many ways, this ideology has given rise to a unique industry centered around the development, manufacturing, and distribution of custom Jeep components. Numerous companies have taken a stake in this thriving industry in a bid to capture their share of this unique market sector. However, only a few custom Jeep part manufacturers have risen above the rest, serving as the port of call for all who wish to upgrade their Jeep. Today, few such brands are more significant in this regard than Rugged Ridge.

Rugged Ridge is one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of custom Jeep components. Since the company’s launch, Rugged Ridge has produced over 3,000 individual Jeep-related products and continues to bring many new products to market with each passing year.

A Need Fulfilled

Like most successful businesses, Rugged Ridge initially launched to fulfill a perceived need. In 2005, Omix-Ada, the parent company of Rugged Ridge, made a rather profound observation. 

At that time, the trend of Jeep customization was growing substantially in popularity with each passing year. However, relatively few brands existed that catered specifically to the needs of Jeep owners. While certain manufacturers marketed their own line of products within a certain product category, Jeep owners were unable to acquire every component needed for a custom build from a singular source. 

Omix-Ada realized that the Jeep market was grossly underserved and set out to fill this void as few others could. Luckily, accomplishing such a task was something that fell squarely within Omix-Ada’s wheelhouse. 

Since 1992, Omix-Ada has served as one of the world’s largest manufacturers and wholesale distributors of aftermarket Jeep parts and high-quality Jeep accessories. Therefore, the idea of building a custom aftermarket accessory empire from the ground up was well within Omix-Ada’s means. Ultimately, these ambitions led to the birth of Rugged Ridge, a division of Omix-Ada.

Growth came quickly for Rugged Ridge, as both the company’s sales and catalog of products expanded with every passing year. Today, Rugged Ridge, along with the other related brands which fall under the Omix umbrella, stock in excess of 15,000 individual jeep parts and components, and their inventory is valued at approximately $30 million.

In addition to Rugged Ridge, several additional brands serve as extensions of Omix-Ada, such as Alloy USA. These brands operate parallel to one another, combining to form one of the most comprehensive sources of aftermarket and replacement components within the Jeep market. 

In 2017, Omix-Ada, along with its house brands like Rugged Ridge, was purchased by Truck Hero, one of the United States' foremost retailers of custom truck accessories. This acquisition further strengthened Omix-Ada’s standing within the truck, SUV, and Jeep marketplace, as the company became part of an even larger entity within the industry.

Post-buyout, Rugged Ridge maintains the same level of dedication toward quality since its inception in 2005. When buying from Rugged Ridge, consumers can count on purchasing heavy-duty components, which exhibit flawless fitment and premium styling.

Why Rugged Ridge?

There are numerous reasons for Rugged Ridge’s continued success within the aftermarket industry. Consumers associate the brand itself with excellence and an unyielding dedication to quality, all of which is of significant value.

The following are several of the top reasons for Rugged Ridge’s sustained success.

An Enormous Inventory

Are you currently searching for a stylish aftermarket grille for your Jeep? What about a powerful new winch that is capable of handling all of your recovery needs? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then Rugged Ridge has you covered.

Rugged Ridge offers one of the most comprehensive selections of aftermarket Jeep accessories and components within the industry. Many such products are designed and manufactured completely in-house by Rugged Ridge’s on-staff engineering department.

Whether you own a Jeep Wrangler, Rubicon, Gladiator, or any other assorted Jeep product, Rugged Ridge has you covered. This provides consumers with peace of mind, knowing, without doubt, that Rugged Ridge will meet their every need.

The following are several of Rugged Ridge’s most popular product categories.

• Winches/Winch Accessories (D-rings, Shackles, etc.)

• Aftermarket Brake Lights

• Aftermarket Taillights

• All-Terrain Floor Liners

• Fender Flares

• Front Bumpers

• Tire Carriers

• Lightbars

• Snorkels

• Tailgates

• Soft Tops

• Tonneau Covers

• Wheels/Tires

• Suspension Upgrades

• Drivetrain Upgrades

• Interior Accessories (Center Console Covers, Storage Racks, etc.)

Excellent Products at Any Price Point

As mentioned above, Rugged Ridge’s inventory is nothing short of staggering in size. However, this poses another advantage, which should prove to be of value to many consumers. The sheer size of Rugged Ridge’s inventory presents consumers with options, and even more importantly, options that fall within a variety of budgets.

When searching for a certain component or accessory, such as front bumpers, Rugged Ridge offers consumers more than ten options to choose from with a wide price spectrum. This provides a certain amount of flexibility to those who wish to customize their Jeep.

In essence, Rugged Ridge’s sizable range of product offerings allows every consumer to locate the quality components for their next build regardless of their budgetary constraints. This alone makes Rugged Ridge the favorite aftermarket supplier for a relatively large number of Jeep enthusiasts.

Quality Assurance

Omix-Ada backs all of their products, including those produced by Rugged Ridge, with a 5-year warranty. This warranty applies to any product not already covered by a previously-stated warranty policy on behalf of Omix-Ada or its associated brands.

Certain Rugged Ridge accessories are backed by specialty warranty policies, which extend coverage beyond the above-mentioned 5-year period. One such example is Rugged Ridge’s coverage of its house brand floor mats, which carry a limited lifetime warranty.

This extensive backing highlights Omix-Ada and Rugged Ridge’s dedication to complete customer satisfaction. These companies manufacture each product to the highest quality standards in order to provide consumers with Jeep components and accessories that they will be proud to call their own.

Top Rugged Ridge Products

While Rugged Ridge’s vast list of products is almost too large to cover in its entirety, several of the company’s individual offerings stand above the rest in terms of popularity. The following are several of Rugged Ridge’s most renowned product offerings.

Arcus Bumpers

Rugged Ridge’s Arcus line of bumpers has grown steadily in popularity ever since their initial release. These bumpers are built to last and are constructed of 11-gauge stamped steel. Each bumper is also powder-coated to ward off rust and corrosion. Additionally, Arcus bumpers come complete with a mountable winch plate and can withstand the demands imparted upon them using a 12,500-LBS winch.

Dash Multi-Mount

Are you looking for a better way to secure your phone or GPS in place while cruising backroads? If so, then a Rugged Ridge Dash Multi-Mount is worthy of your consideration. This handy device attaches to the dash of your Jeep without any drilling or other permanent modifications.

Armis Tonneau Bed Cover

If you own a Jeep Gladiator and wish to keep stored cargo in its bed dry and protected from the elements, then the Rugged Ridge Armis Tonneau Bed Cover is for you. This bed cover is constructed of a folding design, which allows for easy access to a Gladiator’s bed, while still providing a high degree of protection for the cargo beneath. The Armis’ frame consists of heavy-duty aluminum and is covered by a 5-year limited warranty.



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