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What is the Jeep Badge of Honor?

left-hand-garage-jeep-badge-of-honor.pngFor most Jeep owners, taking their off-roading adventures to new extremes is a way of life. Few occasions bring these die-hard Jeep enthusiasts quite as much pleasure as testing their vehicle and conquering new trails. Each successful trail ride is cataloged in one’s memory for future recollection when gathered around a campfire with like-minded individuals.

When amassing one such memory after another, it is only natural to wish for a way to commemorate such triumphs, within a standardized system, whereby fellow off-road enthusiasts could recognize one another’s accomplishments. Luckily, a program of this nature, referred to as the Jeep Badge of Honor program, already exists, and is operated by Jeep’s parent company, FCA US LLC.

How Does the Program Work?

In recent years, the Jeep Badge of Honor program has been developed and implemented as a way to recognize the individual accomplishments of off-roaders from across the nation. Jeep has designated numerous courses across the continental United States as Jeep Badge of Honor trails. Upon conquering any of these trails, Jeep enthusiasts become eligible for a Jeep Badge of Honor for that particular location.

Participants who are successful in their endeavors will be rewarded with a physical badge, which can be kept as a commemorative trophy of sorts or can be affixed to their Jeep. The more trails you conquer, the more badges that you accumulate. In fact, there are enough applicable trails that one would have to cover a separate destination during each weekend of the year to receive every badge within a 12-month span. Luckily, there are no time limits set forth for such excursions.

Who Can Participate?

When determining whether or not you are eligible for participation in the Jeep Badge of Honor Program, there is only one question that you must ask yourself. Are you the owner of a Jeep brand vehicle? If you answered yes, then congratulations! You are free to begin earning your own Badges of Honor as soon as you wish to do so.

As long as you own a Jeep in which you will be traversing the above-mentioned trails, you are eligible for participation in the Badge of Honor program. It does not matter which particular model of Jeep vehicle you own, as long as it is capable of handling all that the trail demands. Jeep Wranglers, Gladiators, and Cherokees are all applicable for use.

How to Get Started

Getting started in the Jeep Badge of Honor program is relatively simple. First, download the Jeep Badge of Honor app, which is available for both Apple iPhone and Android smartphone users. Next, search through the app’s list of Badge of Honor trails to locate those with a trail difficulty rating that is suited to your ability level. Finally, upon making your selection, strike out to the provided location.

Upon reaching a Jeep Badge of Honor trailhead, you will need to conduct a quick trail check-in to document your adventures. Of course, the next obvious question would relate to what occurs when no cellular internet reception can be found. Fear not, as the app still pings your location and will update your records as soon as the next point of reception is reached.

Individuals can also accumulate points, which can be used in conjunction with those awarded for every successive trail-ride, by uploading photos and initiating commentary within the Badge of Honor app. The cumulative value of these points also allows off-roaders to obtain various ranks within the Jeep Badge of Honor community.

As an added benefit, users of the Badge of Honor app are allowed access to a wealth of additional information, which most avid off-roaders will find of value. Those using this app are provided the opportunity to join a devoted online community of fellow Jeep enthusiasts, where information and photos can be shared. Additionally, Jeep provides a helpful in-app guide, which supplies information regarding off-roading basics and important safety reminders.

Jeep Badge of Honor Trail Rankings

The following table outlines the number of points that must be accumulated to reach various trail ranks within the Jeep Badge of Honor program.

Trail Ranking           Required Trail Points


Trail Rookie........................................100

Trail Explorer......................................800

Trail Commander..............................2500

Trail Pro............................................4000

Trail Expert.......................................6500

How to Redeem Your Badges

Upon checking-in at any trail designated by Jeep for inclusion within the Badge of Honor program, your account will be automatically updated. However, you must still enter a request in order to receive the hard badges that you have earned. Luckily, doing so is not a difficult process.

To receive the hard badges which you have earned, begin by accessing the “my profile” tab on the Jeep Badge of Honor app. Under this tab, you will find a “View and Request Badges” link. By clicking this link, you will be able to see a list of all badges which you have earned. One can then select any yet-to-be-redeemed badges.

In order to place your request, you are required to fill out a brief order form that will ask you to provide the VIN number of your Jeep. Once this form has been completed and submitted, your order will be officially placed.

It is important to remain patient when awaiting the arrival of your Badges. The sheer volume of requests for badges can lead to a slight wait time in some instances. Jeep specifies that it typically takes 8-12 weeks to receive badges by mail. However, some individuals report experiencing significantly longer wait times, while others maintain that their badges were received within a period of only two weeks.

Trail Selection

Currently, Jeep has assigned the Badge of Honor designation to over 50 individual trails across the continental United States. At the moment, some states do not feature any such locations, while other states, like Utah, are home to numerous Fiat-Chrysler/Jeep approved off-road trails.

Available trails differ substantially in both difficulty and conditions that one can expect to encounter. However, those looking for the best trail to tackle can refer to the provided Jeep trail ratings found within the Badge of Honor app.

The following are some of the most notable destinations within the Jeep Badge of Honor program.

  • The Rubicon Trail - California
  • Imogene Pass - Colorado
  • Bearwallow - West Virginia
  • Northwest OHV Park - Texas
  • Monument Ridge - Wyoming
  • Tread Lightly Four Wheel Drive Way - Florida
  • Beasley Knob OHV - Georgia
  • Peters Mill Run - Virginia

Adventure Awaits

For those that fancy themselves as frontiersmen of the modern trail, there is perhaps no better challenge than attempting to take on the variety of courses included within the Jeep Badge of Honor program. Those who succeed will amass numerous accolades and a wealth of badges to prove their merit. Perhaps even more valuable will be the memories made along the trail, which serve as the true trophy for any avid Jeep enthusiast.

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