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Left Hand Garage

Welcome to our world–We are glad you are here.

Left Hand Garage is a 2-part project.

Part 1 – A lifestyle brand and media platform based on educating and sharing our passion of track and trail performance.Our brand will honor our passion and soul for the off road and performance markets.

Our apparel designs will honor our heritage and modern influences from our time on the trail to watching the races at our local track. With our apparel we use small batch production to deliver what represents our passion. We take pride in every step of what we do. Along with our work ethic and passion, this is what separates us from other brands in the aftermarket automotive industry.

Part 2 – Bringing you the best and most innovative aftermarket parts in the world for Jeep, Truck, and Performance applications. As we progress we will be expanding to brining you the best of the best, coupled with world-class customer service. Stay tuned as Part 2 will be launching soon.

Our mission is to be the premier world-class resource and online destination for providing a vast array of auto parts, performance gear, and apparel for you custom truck accessories, custom truck parts, Jeep parts, Jeep, and automotive performance accessories.

Coupled with our goal to be the ultimate one-stop destination for anyone interested in leaving the world behind on an adventure to a new trail or tearing up a local track. We strive to provide a compendium of knowledge with original content and access to the latest products to let you enjoy your ride.

Success is a long journey, for Left Hand Garage we will work to exceed our customer expectations with our online resources, auto parts selection, and unrivaled service. Now we at Left Hand Garage know that you hear this commitment from everyone. But, at Left Hand Garage, we live it. We are committed. This is our passion and we are not some fly-by-night brand who just threw up a website. Our roots are in the industry. We are regular people just like you who share a passion for off road performance.

Why Left Hand?

Simply put our founder is left-handed. From writing left handed, to turning a wrench left handed, to throwing a baseball left handed, this is how everything started. Keeping to our roots of everything left hand and a passion for aftermarket automotive industry Left Hand Garage was born.

Our base is Fernandina Beach, Florida where we enjoy close proximity to amazing trails, world-class tracks, and an airport that takes us on our adventures to meet you!

We thank you for your support, loyalty, and belief in Left Hand Garage as we continue to grow and improve everyday. This is a work of passion.

Our Core Values

#1 - Loyalty - Above all else, we are loyal. We believe in loyalty to our customers because without our customers we serve no purpose.  

#2 - Integrity - We say what we mean, and we mean what we say. We will honor our commitments, treat everyone equally, and communicate openly and honestly.

#3 - Innovate - We strive for innovation and bringing the best of the best to our customers. We will work with the most innovative partners as well in every aspect of our business.

#4 - Fun - We believe it's important to have a sense of humor, for goodness' sake! We like to laugh; it makes our work that much more enjoyable.  After all, this is not a job to us, this is a lifestyle and what we are passionate about.

#5 - Team - Fundamentally, people are the core of our company. Yes, we sell products, but without people and our team we would not have a business. We hire the best and strive for great accomplishments.  We work to empower our people to be the best they can be.  

Join us in our journey.  We are Left Hand Garage.

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